SMART Board Tips

Preventing Damage to the Writing Surface

Don’t use pens or anything else with a fine point to write on the screen as this may damage the surface of the screen.

Cleaning the Writing Surface

You can clean your interactive whiteboard and pen tray with standard whiteboard cleaner or Windex® glass cleaner. Note: Make sure and power off the computer connected to the SMART Board before cleaning so you don’t move your desktop icons all over the place.

Removing Permanent Marker Ink Stains

You can remove permanent marker stains with cleaner like the Sanford® Expo Dry Erase Board Doctor. Use the Board Doctor pen and write directly over the permanent ink, let it dry and wipe it clean.

You can also use a high-odor dry-erase marker to remove permanent ink stains. Cover the permanent ink stain with the dry-erase ink and wipe it with a soft cloth while it’s still wet. If any ink is still there use Windex or whiteboard cleaner to clean the affected area.

The Ready Light and what it means to you

In the lower right corner of the SMART Board you can see the Ready Light. If it is…

Not lit up
No power to the SMART Board, check your USB connection.

Solid Green
Everything is good to go.

Flashing Green
SMART Board is communicating with your computer but the software hasn’t been installed or the SMART Board service isn’t running.  In this mode the SMART Board works like a big touch screen.  You can move the mouse pointer, click, and select items but the SMART Board tools and pen tray will not be available.

Solid Red
The SMART Board has power but is not communicating with your computer. Check the connection with the computer and then restart the computer and reset the SMART Board (see below Resetting the SMART Board).

Solid or Flashing Amber
The SMART Board is in a problem/error state.  Reset the SMART Board (see below Resetting the SMART Board).

Troubleshooting Tips

If the Ready light says everything is operating normally but you still have problems check out these tips to see if they can help.

If you have this problem… Try this…
The pen tray lights flash sequentially when you turn the unit on but don’t light up when you remove a tool. Check for obstructions of the pen tray’s infrared sensors (dirt, paper or foreign objects).
The projected image is blurry or doesn’t fill the screen fully. Adjust your projector’s position, zoom and focus settings.
Make sure the computer that is connected to the SMART Board’s video resolution settings match the projector’s native resolution. Consult the projector’s manual for the optimal resolution, and then go to the Windows Control Panel to change the display resolution of your monitor.
Touch is not accurate. The pointer doesn’t appear directly below your finger. When you write on the screen, your writing appears at a slight distance from the pen. Orient the SMART Board
To start the orientation process, press and hold both the Keyboard and Right-click buttons on the pen tray at the same time.
No pointer is visible on the screen, and when you touch the screen a colored line or eraser symbol appears. Check that you have placed all four pens and the eraser correctly in their pen tray recesses.
The pointer snaps back to one location when you lift the pen or your finger from the screen, indicating that the analog resistive surfaces are in constant contact at the location to which the pointer returns Gently pull the touch screen surface, at the place where the pointer returns, using a piece of tape or a small suction cup. If the problem goes away while you are pulling, but returns when you release the tape or suction cup, you may have to return the SMART Board for repair.
The pointer moves erratically or gaps appear when you draw with a pen, indicating that the USB voltage from the computer, powered USB hub or USB extender may be too low to power the SMART Board. Substitute another computer, powered USB hub or extender.


Resetting the SMART Board

If your SMART Board behaves erratically you can reset all components of the SMART Board by disconnecting and then
reconnecting the USB Cable.

If your problem persists after performing all of these steps, restart your computer.


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